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Member Since:
Dec '19
WYG? Ranking:
27th place
About Me:
graduated to read newspapers (plain dealer, sun news, usa today, wall street journal, new york post, new york times, call and post)...fanatic of true crime shows and channels (esp. ID network) religious works...not affiliated with any mainstream/popular religion/faith...listen to all kinds of music, mainly hip-hop & bass styled...politically neutral/indifferent...
Favorite Jersey Number:
17 or 82 or 1
North Ridgeville, OH
Current Town:
Berea, OH
Favorite Teams:
air force falcons; any team from louisiana; any team from ohio
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
don't have any right now...
Favorite Sports Movies:
the replacements; hoosiers; rudy; major league films; caddyshack films; any 30 for 30 espn films...
Favorite Sports Moment:
cleveland cavaliers winning nba title 2016
Favorite Athletes:
ozzie newsome; dan marino; terry bradshaw; bill cowher; andrew luck; brett farve; peyton manning; jim brown; omar vizquel; david ortiz; lindsey vonn; michael phelps; every woman who has ever partaken in US olympic gymnastics; otto orf; hector marinaro; troy aikman; jerome bettis; kevin mack; warren moon; steve mcnair...etc,etc,etc,etc
Players You Love to Hate:
Best Game You've Attended:
cleveland indians vs kansas city royals game: dave burba started...indians down 4-0 at end of the 1st inning...indians won game 8-4

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