Albany-Florida game ends with the wrong score after mistake

Mar 18, 2016 - 10:44 PM SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) An official scorer counted a missed free throw as a point in the first-round NCAA Tournament game between Albany and Florida Friday, and the incorrect score will stand because it was not fixed during the game.

The point for Florida didn't help the Gators, who lost 61-59 despite the official box score that said they had 58.

The NCAA acknowledged that the official scorer made a mistake, but the score won't change.

Florida's January Miller was credited with a made free throw to complete a 3-point play with 6:31 left in the second quarter. But she missed the free throw. The scorer gave Florida credit for a make.

''We were working on it by the second half,'' Syracuse executive senior associate athletic director and chief communications officer Sue Edson said.

Edson said they were unable to resolve the discrepancy before the game ended.

The NCAA issued a statement after the game.

''The final official score of the Albany-Florida game remains 61-59 based on the final progressive team totals of the official scorebook, even though final statistics indicate 61-58,'' the statement said. ''The mistake was made by the official scorer in awarding a free throw to Florida that did not occur. 2016-17 NCAA Women's Basketball Rules (Rule 2, Section 9, Article 12) states that ''.referee shall accept the record of the official scorebook, unless the referee has knowledge that permits another decision. When the discrepancy is in the score and the error is not resolved, the referee shall accept the progressive team totals of the official scorebook.

''The score remains 61-59 because Rule 2-4.3 states: ''When all three officials leave the visual confines of the playing area at the end of the game, the officials' jurisdiction has ended and the score has been approved.''

Albany coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson told The Associated Press following the game that her coaches raised questions at halftime over whether Florida was given an extra point.

''We were saying it, and then nobody ever listens,'' Abrahamson-Henderson said. ''It doesn't matter, we won.''

Albany overcame a 17-point second-quarter deficit and trailed by as many as 11 points with 7:49 remaining. The Great Danes outscored Florida 15-2 down the stretch. Heather Forster scored the go-ahead points by completing a three-way passing play with 1:39 left.

Next up for the Great Danes is host Syracuse in the second round.

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