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    End of Regulation

    Jun 27 5:02 AM

  • Harten with a miss and Griffin and Geitz work very hard for the rebound. Griffin gets called for the contact. Harten works hard attempting to intercept up the court but falls short. Firebirds continue to increase the lead with Aiken shooting her 49th goa

    Jun 27 5:02 AM
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    Firebirds 69, Magic 47  4th - 13:55Jun 27 5:01 AM

  • Levien shows how athletic she is and manages to get hands to a Firebirds ball but unfortunately isn't able to stay on the court. Firebirds convert off the throw in.

    Firebirds 69, Magic 46  4th - 12:29Jun 27 4:59 AM

  • Suddenly the Firebirds are out to a 22 goal lead but Magic are not giving up. They continue to attack the ball right down the court.

    Firebirds 66, Magic 45  4th - 10:34Jun 27 4:58 AM

  • DeBruin is able to get hands to a ball that was intended for Tippett but unfortunately the ball goes out of court and Firebirds get the throw in. Tippett scores from the circle edge.

    Firebirds 65, Magic 44  4th - 9:43Jun 27 4:57 AM

  • Gabi Simpson is able to intercept a ball in the Magic shooting third but Magic get the ball back and are able to score.

    Firebirds 63, Magic 43  4th - 8:15Jun 27 4:55 AM

  • Laura Geitz attempts to intercept a ball outside the circle and takes out Sinclair who rolls her ankle. Courtney Tairi goes to WA, Jamie-Lee Price goes to C and Katherine Levien takes the court in WD.

    Firebirds 61, Magic 41  4th - 6:36Jun 27 4:53 AM

  • Aiken proves to be too tall on Manu'a and gets a rebound off her own miss. Firebirds lead by 20.

    Firebirds 59, Magic 40  4th - 5:32Jun 27 4:52 AM

  • Griffin with a miss and Geitz is able to get the rebound. The ball gets down to Aiken fast and the Firebirds convert. Their lead gets out to 20 goals.

    Firebirds 58, Magic 39  4th - 4:47Jun 27 4:51 AM

  • Magic are unable to convert off their centre pass to start the last quarter and Firebirds are able to convert off the turnover.

    Firebirds 54, Magic 36  4th - 1:33Jun 27 4:48 AM

  • A very ambitious centre pass by Tairi to Sinclair and the ball goes overhead and out of court. Firebirds get the throw in. The 3 quarter time siren sounds and the Firebirds have continued to increase their lead. They're now out by 18 goals.

    Firebirds 54, Magic 35  4th - 0:32Jun 27 4:47 AM

    End of 3rd

    Jun 27 4:42 AM

  • Three in a row to the magic after Harten misses a long shot and Griffin scores off the rebound.

    Firebirds 49, Magic 33  3rd - 12:42Jun 27 4:40 AM

  • Ravaillion is forced to work hard for the ball by Price. The ball goes into the Firebirds shooting circle but Tippett is called for the offensive contact. Magic take advantage of the turnover and convert.

    Firebirds 48, Magic 32  3rd - 12:06Jun 27 4:39 AM

  • Griffin shoots a fresh air shot and Harten and Geitz go in for the rebound. Geitz comes up with the rebound and Ravaillion is able to get the ball in to Aiken. A missed shot by Aiken but she rebounds her own miss and converts.

    Firebirds 48, Magic 30  3rd - 10:45Jun 27 4:38 AM

  • Geitz' eyes light up and she comes out of the circle chasing down a long pass but has to pull out to avoid the contact. Griffin is left on her own under the ring and is able to convert.

    Firebirds 46, Magic 29  3rd - 9:07Jun 27 4:36 AM

  • Harten continues to put up the pressure shots from long range and scores. Price manages to get an intercept and Harten has another attempt from long range but misses. Firebirds get the ball back in the defensive end.

    Firebirds 44, Magic 28  3rd - 8:11Jun 27 4:35 AM

  • Jamie-Lee Price is making Nevins work for every pass. Price manages a deflection but the ball leaves the court and Firebirds are able to score.

    Firebirds 42, Magic 26  3rd - 6:02Jun 27 4:33 AM

  • Magic are having to work very hard for every goal. They have moved the ball back to the defensive third before being able to reset and take the ball to the ring.

    Firebirds 41, Magic 25  3rd - 4:42Jun 27 4:32 AM

  • Manu'a is finding it hard to match it with Aiken under the ring and is called for another contact on the feed. Aiken converts.

    Firebirds 39, Magic 23  3rd - 2:55Jun 27 4:30 AM

  • Firebirds with the first possession in the third quarter and they are able to convert through Aiken.

    Firebirds 36, Magic 22  3rd - 0:54Jun 27 4:28 AM

  • The siren sounds before the Firebirds are able to get the ball to the shooting circle after a turnover in the Magic shooting third. Going in to half time The Coffee Club Queensland Firebirds are comfortably in the lead.

    Firebirds 36, Magic 21  3rd - 0:17Jun 27 4:27 AM


    Jun 27 4:14 AM

  • Samantha Sinclair breaks on the Magic centre pass and the Firebirds take the possession. Tairi is not backing down for anything and has found herself called for the contact and given a caution.

    Firebirds 33, Magic 21  2nd - 13:57Jun 27 4:13 AM

  • Laura Geitz times her jump beautifully and deflects the shot attempt by Griffin. Tairi forces herself through to attempt to get the pick up and is called for the contact. Firebirds have possession and convert off the turnover.

    Firebirds 31, Magic 21  2nd - 12:26Jun 27 4:11 AM

  • Tairi gets great purchase on a Firebirds pass but isn't able to hold her footing and Ravaillion jumps on the ball. Her pass into the goal circle is converted and the Firebirds get out to an 8 goal lead.

    Firebirds 28, Magic 20  2nd - 10:35Jun 27 4:10 AM

  • McMeniman throws herself at the ball ahead of Harten and is able to get the deflection but Magic pick up the crumbs and are able to convert.

    Firebirds 25, Magic 17  2nd - 8:23Jun 27 4:07 AM

  • Harten continues to put up long shots and is helping the Magic reduce the defecit.

    Firebirds 21, Magic 16  2nd - 5:52Jun 27 4:05 AM

  • Another turnover from a bad pass by Tippett. Harten takes full advantage of the turnover to score the Magic's second goal in a row.

    Firebirds 19, Magic 14  2nd - 3:58Jun 27 4:03 AM

  • Caitlyn Nevins gets in for a beautiful intercept in the mid court. Firebirds are unable to convert off the turnover and the ball is worked back to the Magic shooting end. Harten scores her 8th goal from 8 attempts.

    Firebirds 18, Magic 13  2nd - 2:46Jun 27 4:02 AM

  • Firebirds open the 2nd quarter and look to get it into the shooting circle quickly. Aiken misses and DeBruin is able to pull in the rebound.

    Firebirds 17, Magic 11  2nd - 0:57Jun 27 4:00 AM

    End of 1st

    Jun 27 3:55 AM
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    Firebirds 17, Magic 10  1st - 15:01Jun 27 3:55 AM

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