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Aug '07
WYG? Ranking:
172nd place
About Me:
I'm just a man trying to get through this life without killing anyone
Favorite Jersey Number:
Favorite Teams:
FC Dallas, Pittsburgh Steelers & Pirates, Iowa Hawkeyes, Portsmouth FC, Dallas Mavericks, Seattle Mariners & Seahawks, KC Chiefs
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
"Practice?... We're talking about Practice?" - Allen Iverson
"I spend a lot of money, because I make a lot of money." - Patrick Ewing

(Really any quote from the Jim Rome radio show fits here)
Favorite Sports Movies:
Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore, Snatch , the Rocky series (my wife would kill me if I didn't put this), The Natural
Favorite Sports Moment:
Immaculate Reception
Players You Love to Hate:
Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, Terrell Owens, Tom Brady, Shaq O'neal

The teams of: Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, NY Yankees and Knicks, ATL Braves, LA Lakers, San Antonio Spurs
Best Game You've Attended:
Haven't gone to any really great games in my life... I'm from Nebraska for God's sake, not many of those happening around here.

  • mark hey dm83737, there have actually been a few people to request that and it's a good idea. i'll get it on the to-do list. the calendar was something i built ages ago, but haven't touched in a while. you can add programs to your calendar, but i never got around to allowing people to add games, so it's not super useful yet...