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Aug '10
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6th place
About Me:
I have been playing Pickleball for 4 years now. I just have to say that it is a blast to play so if it is being played where you live go check it out.
My favorite sport is Ice Hockey. I had played in a senior league (for over 20 years), and had helped coach youth hockey for 18 years.

I enjoy playing tennis and golf although it has been some time since I have gotten out to do either one. Going to be getting back tp playing golf again this spring (2020).
Favorite Jersey Number:
Clearfield, PA
Current Town:
Niagara Falls, NY
Favorite Teams:
Buffalo Sabres
Pittsburgh Pirates
New York Yankees
NCAA Ice Hockey: Penn State, Michigan, BU, Boston College, North Dakota, Minnesota.
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
It ain't over till it's over.
Don't look back something may be gaining on you.
Favorite Sports Movies:
Bull Durham
Field of Dreams
The Natural
Pride of the Yankees
Downhill Racer
Angels In The Outfield (original version)
Favorite Athletes:
Roberto Clemente #21
Jean Believeu #4

  • William Fleming Not expecting to rise up in the standings but going to be picking mostly just NHL games from now on. They are so unpredictable so it is hard to keep any kind of a streak going.

  • William Fleming Well I see that there is no AHL or College hockey info anymore. But then again who could pick the winners there anyway.

  • Philip Paul ooh, tough break. Better luck next time.

    • William Fleming yeah was a miss pick as I wanted the men's game.

      • Jan 11 5:57 PM
  • Philip Paul congrats on 100

  • Arthur Wilkie All-time 1337 - 386 (.776) Haha, 1337 wins! ;)

  • EDog Thanks William, big Roberto fan.