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Aug '10
WYG? Ranking:
31st place
About Me:
Just recently started to play a new game to our area Pickleball. I just have to say that it is a blast to play so if it is being played where you live go check it out.
My favorite sport is Ice Hockey. I had played in a senior league (for over 20 years), and had helped coach youth hockey for 18 years.

I enjoy playing tennis and golf although it has been some time since I have gotten out to do either one.
Favorite Jersey Number:
Clearfield, PA
Current Town:
Niagara Falls, NY
Favorite Teams:
Buffalo Sabres
Pittsburgh Pirates
New York Yankees
Montreal Canadians
NCAA Ice Hockey : Michigan, BU, Boston College, North Dakota, Minnesota, Maine and Niagara (season ticket holder).
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
It ain't over till it's over.
Don't look back something may be gaining on you.
Favorite Sports Movies:
Bull Durham
Field of Dreams
The Natural
Pride of the Yankees
Downhill Racer
Angels In The Outfield (original version)
Favorite Athletes:
Roberto Clemente #21
Jean Believeu #4
Derek Jeter.

  • William Fleming Well I see that there is no AHL or College hockey info anymore. But then again who could pick the winners there anyway.

  • Philip Paul ooh, tough break. Better luck next time.

    • William Fleming yeah was a miss pick as I wanted the men's game.

      • Jan 11 5:57 PM
  • Philip Paul congrats on 100

  • Dave Dial Are you guys on strike in your Senior League too? :-)

    • William Fleming No way we are 8 games into the season now.

      • Nov 6 7:27 AM
    • Dave Dial In all the years you have played in that hockey league, has anybody ever gotten in to a fight?

      • Nov 6 9:24 AM
    • William Fleming No, but one player was kicked out of the league for over aggressive play.

      • Nov 7 6:40 PM
    • Dave Dial :-) .. I picked 20 games this week on purpose. Want to give somebody else a chance at the top spot. If I hit them all, that would be incredibly shocking.

      • Nov 7 9:54 PM
    • Dave Dial I hit them all. I'm truly shocked. 82 in a row. Major lucky. More proud of over SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY GAMES picked .. winning at a .953 winning percentage.

      • Nov 15 1:26 AM
  • Dave Dial C'mon, Bill! I was gonna creep up on ya with a steady streak and Army smacked ya and then TCU let ya down! Yer slackin', Fleming! :-)

    • William Fleming Can't pick those upsets. 18-3 on the day. I'll take it.

      • Oct 7 7:32 AM
  • Dave Dial C'mon, Mr. Fleming .. ya gotta make your picks for this weekend. Waiting to see 'em!

  • Dave Dial The Central Michigan Chippewas doomed ya, Bill. Never trust anything from that state up north.

    • William Fleming Yeah Dave there is always one the bites ya.

      • Sep 22 6:51 PM
  • Dave Dial Thanks, bud. You too. You're only predicting TWENTY-SEVEN games coming up? :-) You hit all those and I'll throw you The Hidee Ho Salute!