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Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  • lrbell Wow, great pickins!

  • #1 Gators Fan Get that #250! Easy numbers!

  • platinumwhitty Yes, a harsh reality but thanks for your encouragement.

  • LMPtG1 Streak breaker of the day: South Dakota 38 @ Northern Iowa 31 3OT South Dakota has a loss against the worst team on their schedule, Western Illinois, yet they pull of the triple-overtime upset against the second-best team on their schedule today. ..and it broke my streak of 70+ wins. Had to be one of my last picks of the day. Oh well, back at it next week..

  • FearlessHoneyBadger34 Welcome back!

    • LMPtG1 Thanks!

      • Oct 19 11:19 AM
  • LMPtG1 Rowan had a 2.5% chance of victory against Morrisville State today...and they won. Streak 203 broken. Great job, Morrisville, way to go.

  • LMPtG1 Been at the top of the streak board for what has to be an entire year or more. The 203 streak will be tested starting today. I won't be shocked if I mess it up. So don't be shocked when I build it back up before CFB or CBB season is over. Going for not 300, not 400, not 500...

  • William Fleming Nice streak. You have any idea how they run the rankings. Makes no sense some how I am ahead of you now.