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Sep '10
WYG? Ranking:
27th place
Favorite Jersey Number:
Hastings Minnesota
Current Town:
Carson City Nevada
Favorite Teams:
LA Lakers, Minnesota Twins/Vikings, Nevada WolfPack,
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
The Big Dog is off the porch and yer gonna get bit. This quote was way before the michael vick saga. Its a game winning homerun, field goal, touchdown etc. Take your walkoffs and shove it........
Favorite Sports Moment:
Not a Dodger Fan, but Kirk Gibsons game winning homerun in the world series...
Favorite Athletes:
Kareem Abdul Jabbar,
Players You Love to Hate:
Lebron James.........nuff said..........

  • KingHockeyMan Yo Bruce, Keep trying ;-)... . When I had 37. i didn't know I had that many in a row. When I did realize it. I lost the very next I ended up w/47 in a row. Get over 55. They only keep #1 & #2 up on the board......peace ;-)... .