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Sep '07
WYG? Ranking:
236th place
Favorite Jersey Number:
88 - Michael Irvin
Current Town:
NYC - Former Dallas - Former NYC
Favorite Teams:
How bout them Cowboys
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
We're taking it one game a time.
Favorite Sports Moment:
One of many but this one gets added: Cowboy comeback on MNF against the Bills. WOW! What a game.
Players You Love to Hate:
Plaxico Buress, Amani Toomer

I hate watching these two take apart the Cowboy secondary.
Best Game You've Attended:
2003 Baseball All-Star Game in Houston
Nolan Ryan's 299th Win

  • mrman226 yes. but if they took the safety then SD would automatically win. In the NFL, overtime is sudden death.

  • hangtime79 Is ready for some football bitches!

  • six4three hey man i love the squidbilles