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Dec '10
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18th place
About Me:
I love cars and racing. I have a few classic cars and love the sound of a Hemi (Sweeeeet!). My favorite sports are college sports because of the youth and different intensity than pro sports. But, yea, I like the pros too. I've been to Talladega Superspeedway and stood in Victory Lane..
I am the 2015 NCAA Challenge Winner. YAY!
Have fun picking and have a nice day
Favorite Jersey Number:
17 (my Futbol no.)
Athens, GA
Current Town:
Thieves' Den, VT
Favorite Teams:
UGA Lady Dogs, Falcons, Red Sox, Mad Ants, UVM Lady Cats. Seahawks, Backstreet Pub's Women's Drinking Team (YAY!!!)
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
"Oh crap, it won't restart!" - Marcos Ambrose
"$#!% and #@{& you little &$#@^>% !!!" My dad golfing
"welcome to foot, Ball!" - Kathy Ireland
"Dang it! Helmet hair again." - Erica Enders
Favorite Sports Movies:
Greased Lightning, The Waterboy, Rollerball
Favorite Sports Moment:
Ashley Houts' THE SHOT against LSU (I was there!)
Favorite Athletes:
The ones who DON'T use DRUGS!!!!
Jittery Joe
Rob Acheson
Steve McQueen
Players You Love to Hate:
Tony Stewart
Dale Earnhardt Sr.
Ty Cobb
Shooter McGavin.
Best Game You've Attended:
My boys' little league games
New England Dragway's first NHRA event!

  • coyote I really hate that I lost my internet

  • coyote I hate picking baseball even though I like the game

  • #1 Gators Fan Nice job on the tourney picks!

    • coyote Thanks, it was tough

      • Apr 8 8:34 PM
  • Ashley Thanks.

  • coyote sure likes them cheerleaders!