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Jan '11
WYG? Ranking:
287th place
About Me:
YO whats up I love picking games and specialize in NCAA boys basketball. I've won huge pools and can usually smell an Upset. RUWT?! is great, but I wish they would add UFC.
Favorite Jersey Number:
Connersville, Indiana
Current Town:
West Lafayette
Favorite Teams:
Michigan State
Philadelphia Eagles
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
"It was just my day."
Favorite Sports Movies:
Favorite Sports Moment:
The three to win it at the buzzer
Favorite Athletes:
Steve Nash
Donovan McNabb
Nate Diaz
Vladimir Guerrero
Players You Love to Hate:
Anyone that uses Roids
Ben "Rapist" Roethlisburger
Best Game You've Attended:
I can't afford to go to games....

  • Ashley Thank u.

  • mark Hey Chase, absolutely. Stay tuned--news will come next week.

  • Chase Damn, why can't i get in top 25 !!

  • mark Heh. Deal!

  • mark Hey Chase, it's a really popular request, but unfortunately our data provider just doesn't cover it. If we ever get it, it'll definitely be a big announcement...