Member Since:
Sep '07
WYG? Ranking:
203rd place
About Me:
22 year old male in the IT field.
Favorite Jersey Number:
Buffalo, NY
Favorite Teams:
Bills, Sabres, Red Sox
Favorite Sports Movies:
Hardball, Major League, Rudy
Favorite Sports Moment:
2004 Red Sox World Series victory, Sabres 2005 Playoff Run.
Favorite Athletes:
Lee Evans, Marshawn Lynch
Players You Love to Hate:
Tom Brady
Best Game You've Attended:
Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers "October Storm Game"

  • JMK13 i updated my page go look!

  • ekabrazi Sorry .. lost a bet ... it stays until they lose!!!

  • ekabrazi When they get beat!!!

  • ekabrazi Dude?!?! Pats are making history ... I am happy for them!! I hate the Giants, Cowboys & Redskins more than Patriots!! Dolphins too!! Marv's gone?!?!? What's up next?!?

  • ekabrazi U watching Da Bills ?? Giants are going down!! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ~ Mike

  • lpickrell good job on 21st dude !!!

  • ekabrazi Yeah .. & I am in 3rd Place with a bunch of Bandwagons!?!?!? .... Don't hate the Playa .. Hate the Game .. my Brothers! NO COPY CATS now!!!

  • ekabrazi UFC 79 .. I got GSP for Interim Title over Hughes ... Liddell over Silva ... Sokoudjou over Machida .. .. UFN .. Huerta over Guida .. Speer over Danzig .. but then again ... anything can happen IT's MMA!!