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Sep '07
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203rd place
About Me:
22 year old male in the IT field.
Favorite Jersey Number:
Buffalo, NY
Favorite Teams:
Bills, Sabres, Red Sox
Favorite Sports Movies:
Hardball, Major League, Rudy
Favorite Sports Moment:
2004 Red Sox World Series victory, Sabres 2005 Playoff Run.
Favorite Athletes:
Lee Evans, Marshawn Lynch
Players You Love to Hate:
Tom Brady
Best Game You've Attended:
Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers "October Storm Game"

  • NewEnglandRick Not without drama...but its ours again!

  • NewEnglandRick Coco who? Trade his a$$!

  • NewEnglandRick look at the rookies go!

  • NewEnglandRick So far, I must agree. Not as much punch in the lineup but the 'pen is a helluva lot better now!

  • NewEnglandRick I sure hope so...the floors are getting a little dirty in my house, too! I'm still holding my breath until the series is over....

  • NewEnglandRick I sure hope the Sox do what you say! I have to work night shift today and tomorrow...thank God for XM radio! Hopefully Beckett will continue his postseason dominance. GO SOX!

  • NewEnglandRick You gonna jump on the Bills bandwagon on this site?

  • NewEnglandRick I must say, so far so good!