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Sep '07
WYG? Ranking:
107th place
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Favorite Teams:
Bengals, bills, Red Sox, Indians, Braves, Celtics, Sabres, Wolverines, Hurricanes of the U
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
i wanna thank god least fave/..... anything about the HOODY
Favorite Sports Movies:
varsity blues, the program and that matt lablanc movie with the baseball pitching chimp
Favorite Sports Moment:
Winning the 400im hurdles at the NYS champs in 2001 and Running the anchor leg of the 4x400 Relay that won its heat at Penn Relays sub 50 split
Favorite Athletes:
Terrence Tramell
Players You Love to Hate:
All the illiterate NFL and NBA Players
Best Game You've Attended:
Sabres vs Philly OT thriller in the 06 playoffs, Bills Dallas MNF, Iroquois vs some rochester school Ralph Wilson Stadium, where andy wolfe scored an NYS playoff record 7 td's (mike Harts record) iroquous won alot to not as much!

Buffalo v Florida when richard Zednik got his throat slashed by Ollie Jokien's Skate most messed up and scariest thing i have ever seen

  • mark Hello, human. Robot Power.

  • DDrake Where did you go friend come on?

  • DDrake alright 2nd place again!!!!! Here i come back to 1st!!!!

  • DDrake thanks!!!! We need to root the Braves on they stink on the road!!!

  • mrman226 Dude, have you ever been out of the top 25?

  • mrman226 How could you do that to Mario!?

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