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Jan '07
WYG? Ranking:
466th place
About Me:
I love college basketball.
Favorite Jersey Number:
Current Town:
Honolulu, Hawaii
Favorite Teams:
Texas Longhorns & Duke Blue Devils
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
'You better believe it, BABY!'
Favorite Sports Movies:
Favorite Sports Moment:
-Watching Duke play at the Erwin Center in 2005
-MJ winning his 6th with the Bulls in '98
-2006 Rose Bowl
Favorite Athletes:
Michael Jordan
Best Game You've Attended:
Michigan State vs Kentucky in the 2005 NCAA Tournament (Elite Eight) at the Erwin Center

  • katieb nothing is better than college basketball. nothing.

  • mark yeah, well...i'm kinda a big deal.

  • RUWTbot How do I put this politely? I like girls with more...circuits.

  • mark it's cause we're geniuses.

  • mark hi katieb.