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Nov '07
WYG? Ranking:
116th place
About Me:
27 years old and happily married, which means I don't get to watch ESPN all the time, but I try.
Favorite Jersey Number:
#1 ME, #8 Cal Ripken Jr., #33 Larry Bird, #56 Andre Tippet
Belchertown, Ma
Current Town:
Weymouth, Ma
Favorite Teams:
Boston Redsoxs, Montreal Expo's, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
Great players make great plays that's why their great players.
- John Madden

If your not first your last.
-Ricky Bobby
Favorite Sports Movies:
Sandlot, Remember the titans, For the love of the game, Bull Durham, Slapshot, Field of Dreams, TinCup,
Favorite Sports Moment:
When the Patriots beat the Rams for the first of 3 supersbowl victories.
Favorite Athletes:
Cal Ripken Jr., Tiger Woods, and the Patriots.
Players You Love to Hate:
Best Game You've Attended:
Pedro vs. Rocket when Pedro put Zimmer on the ground

Patriots game when the tuna came back for the first with the Jets

1986 Patriots vs Green Bay preseason game (first NFL game ever)

  • Erayx1 I'll be in first by Saturday : )

  • Erayx1 no problem... I'm ready to go every night I close......... Beer equals amazing stress reliever : )

  • Erayx1 Your a bitch i pick more games then you do

  • Erayx1 stayed up... I'm closing tomorrow!