Steven Hayes's Friends
Member Since:
Sep '12
WYG? Ranking:
214th place
Favorite Jersey Number:
Snellville, Ga
Current Town:
Grand Forks Air Force Base
Favorite Teams:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Georgia Bulldogs
Atlanta Braves
Atlanta Hawks
Favorite Sports Movies:
Longest Yard
Blind Side
The Express
Gridiron Gang
Favorite Sports Moment:
January 2003, When the Buccaneers Beat the Oakland Raiders in SuperBowl XXXVII. 48-21
Favorite Athletes:
Mike Alstott
Derrick Brooks
John Lynch
Matthew Stafford
AJ Green
Jarvis Jones
Doug Martin
Players You Love to Hate:
Tim Tebow
Matt Ryan
Roddy White

  • qwertyui You'll be in the Top 25 soon, but don't plan to run right to the top. They're tough up there, and after your season is over, you drop like a rock.