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Oct '12
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672nd place
Omaha, NE
Current Town:
Fort Collins, CO
Favorite Teams:
Nebraska, of course! Other than that whoever can give me a good game to watch...LSU and Ok State normally do
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
The story told by Mack Brown after praising NE's program (which has turned out the best college football team of all time, 1972-73): "The highlight of my sports life in sportsmanship was in '98, when ... (Texas') Ricky Williams gained 150 yards," he said. He recalled telling Williams to wear his helmet out on the Memorial Stadium field for postgame interviews, only to hear Nebraska fans start chanting, "Heisman, Heisman, Heisman" for Williams.

"Everybody is talking about Nebraska fans might not give us a good welcome. I think they will," he said. "They're tremendous fans. I've never seen teams that clap for the other team when they leave the field."

That wouldn't work everywhere, Austin included. After one trip to Lincoln, legendary Texas coach Darrell Royal told Brown he wished he could get Texas fans to do the same.

"I said, 'Coach, they're booing me,'" Brown said. "I can't talk to them about not booing the other team."
Favorite Sports Movies:
Field of Dreams, The Sandlot, Moneyball...lots of baseball movies. I think it is a sport and ideal suited to movies, though. Football is too rough you get things like Gridiron Gang--certainly not a bad thing to watch, but when you get down to it the plot just is not very deep.
Favorite Sports Moment:
Any football stadium with a close game in the Fall. The true fall-without the heat and before the snow hits. Everytime that happens it is my favorite moment. Also, whenever people stay through an entire baseball game. I love that too, and it is more rare. Man I would love to see one of those 20-25 inning games- it would be a highlight in my life to be sure.
Favorite Athletes:
Suh (Lions), Henery (Eagles), Burkhead (NE)
Players You Love to Hate:
I liked Tebow when he got drafted but the hipster in me hated when people became fans of him--mostly because his fans are pieces of shit. Huge, HUGE pieces of shit. Don't 'tebow' by the interstate, in your home, in Ghana--little African children don't want your God or give a shit about Tebow. You look insane. Also, he definitely feels too damn entitled-I guarantee Jesus does not give a shit about your football game, you really should train in the off season.

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