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Jun '08
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651st place
About Me:
My name is Jesse and I love the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns! I love getting alerts when a game gets good. I hate the long summer before college sports get going again. I'd love a New Orleans bowl berth, an NCAA berth in basketball, and 2 national (college world series) championships next spring!
Favorite Jersey Number:
Lafayette, LA
Current Town:
Lafayette, LA
Favorite Teams:
Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns, Boston Red Sox, Carolina Panthers
Favorite Sports Movies:
1. American Flyers
2. Fever Pitch
Favorite Sports Moment:
Two runs scored on Steven Feehan's bunt single in the bottom of the ninth inning as Louisiana rallied to beat Clemson, 5-4, in 2000 in a College World Series game that ended with a scuffle.

The Ragin' Cajuns finished 50-19 and, as a result of that dramatic victory, extended their first C.W.S. appearance and earned a 3rd place finish.

Feehan's one-out bunt down the first-base line scored Jarvis Larry from third. Rick Haydel scored from first on the play when pitcher Ryan Mottl's throw got past a diving Ryan Riley, who was rushing over from second to cover first.
A (very) close 2nd:
Behind an eighth-inning home run from Holly Tankersley, a line shot to center, Louisiana beat No. 1 seed Florida 3-2 in the opening game of the college world series. Florida was 67-3 coming into the game, while the Cajuns were unseeded.
Favorite Athletes:
any Ragin' Cajun
Players You Love to Hate:
any New York Yankees
Best Game You've Attended:
The 2000 NCAA regional championship game (ECU vs. Louisiana) simply because the result advanced the Cajuns to the Super Regional against #1 S.Carolina. Upon beating them in a dramatic 3 game series, UL went to the CWS and created the memory above. I also remember that it was 103 degrees, and the poor ECU players were exhausted from the stifling heat and their trip to the losers' bracket and extra innings the night before.

  • George Dickinson same could be said about OREGON

  • mark Hey Jesse, my pleasure! I might definitely be stealing that quote of yours. Adding a bleachers account is an interesting idea. We used to have it incorporated into each individual feed, but we got complaints about it being too noisy. A dedicated feed could be fun though--I'll take a look...

  • jllanclos Another suggestion: How about an RUWTbleachers Twitter account that features the bleacher comments from fans? Might increase the interraction on gameday, which would be fun...not the "RUWTBot added 81 roots" but only the users' comments. Just a thought :)

  • mark Little Buehrle is perfect! I almost had a heart attack when I saw the highlights on SportsCenter that night. I actually just wrote a post on the blog about the craziness:

  • mark Yesterday was such a cluster! We had to switch our data providers and that's been the cause of all the hiccups lately. Come hell or high water, today will be _much_ better.

  • mark First off, Cliff Lee is a Baaaaad Man. I gotta admit it. :) Thanks for the long, though out post. I think you have a lot of really interesting stuff in there. It's been a while since I've given any lovin' to the Twitter feeds, and it's probably overdue. I'm working a new summary page (you can take a peek at, and then adding that functionality to the mobile apps, but after that I'll double back on Twitter and see what I can do. And the alerts question makes total sense--it's one of those how do I pull it off without making the whole thing too complicated problems...

  • mark I think you might be imagining it, my friend... :) What kind of phone do you have?

  • mark hey bud, unfortunately the purely mobile app is one that has fallen through the crack. hopefully one day, but it's not too high on the to-do list right now.