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Dec '12
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187th place
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I am elderly and disabled with COPD and Chron's Disease. About the only things that I have going for me is the love of my Tv, Computer (Desktop) and (Laptop), my iPhone and my Dog Zoie. I like Basketball and Baseball, both Men's and Women's. Also like Softball, Horse Racing and Poker. I watch sports, and true crime most all of the time along with In Session and Nancy Grace. Like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Shark Tank, x-Factor and the Voice.
Erick, Ok
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Erick, Ok
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Reds, Rangers, Ou, OSU, Thunder, Yankees, Cardinals. My Cousin is a Recruiter for the Reds.
Favorite Sports Movies:
I don't watch many movies.

  • Jean Mayes I can not believe that I have picked so many correctly today. I do not understand the need for roots or how they work. Why does he picks not show except for the first one?