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  • senorpepr Mark your calendar: The 2010 edition of the Battle of the Ravine is October 30th. Then again, you may want to avoid marking the occasion where the Ouachita Baptist Tigers extend their lead in the series to 40-38-6.

  • mark Yeah, I really hope so. The Firefox toolbar gets first dibs because it's been around longer, but I definitely think it'll hit Android as well.

  • mark Hey bud, thanks much! Yeah, it's been a crazy challenge reorganizing everything, but the Leaderboard definitely isn't going anywhere. I should have a permanent home for it real soon...

  • senorpepr Aw man! I guess I did miss it! I've been so busy here over the past few weeks getting everyone ready for our respective trips. So much to do with so little time!

  • tacorrenti Look out - only 1/2 game back!

  • tacorrenti Only 4 games back now!

  • tacorrenti I'm knocking on the top 10 door!

  • #1 Cards Fan Glad to see you back on the leaderboard and making picks again! Sucks you didn't make any while you were gone. I'll try to pick as many as I can while I'm away later in the year, but I'll do my best to stay on the leaderboard.