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Jul '07
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3rd place
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Belton, MO
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Mackenbach, Germany
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Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, Saint Louis Blues, Sporting Kansas City, Oklahoma City Thunder, Missouri Tigers, and 1.FC Kaiserslautern
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October 11, 2003--Mizzou QB Brad Smith laterals the ball to Darius Outlaw. Smith hauls ass down field and receives a 47-yard touchdown pass. The look on Nebraska's face when the opposing team's QB receives a touchdown pass is priceless. Mizzou ends up beating #10 Nebraska 41-24--breaking a 24-game losing streak against the Cornsuckers.

  • Ashley Hi!!!

  • bigbelly What's up with the links not working?

  • Cassie How 'bout this? Miz: 12-0. Winners of the SEC East, winners of the SEC, and they go on to the NCG.

  • coyote Congrats on your win. Good pickin'!

  • mark You won the NCAA challenge, so you'll be getting 10 roots to play with very soon...

  • mark Definitely! The smartphone apps are first in line, but I definitely expect to have something cool for the tablets...

  • mark TOTAL fail this weekend. A perfect storm of boneheaded-ness on my end, me being on a ranch with no cell service, and my monitoring company went out of business so I had no idea anything was up. The good news is it sparked ideas on how let the site repair itself if it ever happens again. Craziness. Hope you and the fam are doing well...

  • mark That's an interesting idea--Chrome doesn't allow a ticker like Firefox though. I built a desktop widget ages ago, but it wasn't that good. I'll noodle on it...