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Aug '07
WYG? Ranking:
176th place
Current Town:
New City, New York
Favorite Teams:
Mets, Islanders, Jets, Giants, Bulls, Tar Heels, UMass Minutemen, FC Internazionale, Arsenal FC
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
"Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand."
- Former Mets manager Wes Westrum
Best Game You've Attended:
Game 5, 1999 NLDS. Todd Pratt's walkoff homer sends the Mets to the NLCS.

  • metsfan31 How old r u ?!?!?!

  • metsfan31 I can't wait for citi field !!!!

  • metsfan31 hey!! i am from Long Island !!!

  • NewEnglandRick I hear ya. I don't know how rank is determined. All I know is that I've slipped from 3rd down to 18th in 2 weeks.

  • NewEnglandRick That's a hell of a winning percentage you have there!