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Member Since:
Aug '10
WYG? Ranking:
1076th place
About Me:
Head full of ideas, belly full of yuks, back full of pain.

Balance, balance, balance.

And the occasional oxycontin
Favorite Jersey Number:
Bridgeport, CT
Current Town:
Avon, CT
Favorite Teams:
Giants, Raiders, Yanks and Georgia Bulldogs, baby
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
Both teams played hard.

I think he broke his f@#kin' neck
Favorite Sports Movies:
Longest Yard (the first, not later tripe with totally unfunny, infantile lead)
Favorite Sports Moment:
Pick any Yankees World Series victory

Aaron Boone's HR vs Red Sux 2004

Marcus Allen making magic
Favorite Athletes:
Jim Plunkett, Ken Stables, Marcus Allen, Derek Jeter, Willis Reed, Herschel Walker
Players You Love to Hate:
Name a Red Sux player
Best Game You've Attended:
1971 Orange Bowl: Nation, meet Johnny Rodgers

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