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Mar '11
WYG? Ranking:
98th place
About Me:
Die hard Spurs fan... Go Spurs Go!
My alma mater is the University of Connecticut
(U Conn Huskies)
Current Town:
Favorite Teams:
San Antonio Spurs
UConn Huskies
Dallas Cowboys
New York Yankees
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
"If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?"
Vince Lombardi
Favorite Sports Movies:
The Natural
Bull Durham
The Big Lebowski
Favorite Athletes:
Tim Duncan; Tony Parker; Manu Ginobili; David Robinson;
Sean Elliott
Players You Love to Hate:
Kobe Bryant; Jason Terry; Derek Fisher; Michael Beasley; Joakim Noah; Nick Young; Mark Cuban (not a player, but a sports figure, nonetheless)

  • LMPtG1 Mark #1

  • Mark This is Jonathan, Mark's oldest son. My father passed away on Thanksgiving. Thanks to RUWT for being a bright spot in his life.

    • qwertyui Oh my, I dearly sorry to hear that. He was a great picker, and was well admired by many of us.

      • Dec 15 9:24 PM
    • qwertyui Check your Inbox.

      • Dec 15 11:24 PM
    • LMPtG1 So sorry to hear that.. Rest in peace.

      • Dec 22 2:35 AM
  • qwertyui This must be painful.

  • FearlessHoneyBadger34 When was the last time you were out of the top 3?

  • qwertyui WOW!!! To be chased so long. #2

  • Mark Ranked #1 for more than 27 out of the past 30 weeks, and counting...

    • LMPtG1 Well done!

      • Nov 21 1:39 AM
  • Mark Once again I'm back on top after a week (9/16/12).

  • Mark Ranked #1 for 11 more days (8/29/12 - 9/8/12) before being caught. I'll be back!