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Jan '12
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132nd place
About Me:
By birth - Hungarian;
By choice - American;
By Profession - Attorney;
By the grace of God - Happy wife, proud mother, & a SOONER!
Springfield, MO
Current Town:
southeast Oklahoma
Favorite Teams:
Oklahoma Sooners
OKC Thunder
St. Louis Rams
Minnesota Vikings
Favorite Sports Movies:
Favorite Sports Moment:
Watching OU whomp FSU with son (FSU grad student) inside Doake Walker.
Favorite Athletes:
Anyone who's played for OU - led by Sam the Man & AD; all the Thunder
Players You Love to Hate:
Metta WorldPeace (Ron Artest), Chris Simms, Rhett Bomar, LeBron James, Johnny Manziel
Best Game You've Attended:
see Favorite Sports Moment;

Any one of number of Thanksgivings in days when OU-Nebraska always played. Scheduling turkey around game; filling up thermoses & gathering up blankets to brave the frozen elements to be part of game.

  • coyote Yeah, on that play nobody but the refs knew. It sure did look like play was done to me

  • Jonny Porkchild Sorry, Blakester... the PIG is STILL trying to bring you in as a friend, but the RUWT system STILL won't allow! I AIN'T Lyin'... I'll keep on trying, and PIGS rarely LIE - except in a PIGSTY! SNORT!

  • Jonny Porkchild TwoThreeSix and KingHockeyMan both came in as friends - finally! Dunno why your acceptance hasn't taken as yet... but I'm happy and humbled with the thought in any case! We'll have to keep Mark in the loop so he can get his IT Dept on the stick! SNORT!

  • Jonny Porkchild :) Thanks for accepting the "friend" thing, Ms Dudette! I've let it be known to the powers that be (Mark), but still waiting as yet for all 27,000 of my friends to "accept" this PIG! Apparently the "glitch" continues... :(

    • blakelylaw I sent a note to Mark, too, yesterday. Despite what 236 says, the feature still doesn't appear to be working.

      • Oct 13 2:39 PM
    • Cassie It worked for FearlessHoneyBadger37 and Jonny; don't know what's wrong.

      • Oct 15 8:30 PM
    • Cassie *34

      • Oct 15 8:30 PM
  • mark Absolutely! Check out, and check out the "Game Tracker".