DJRob's Friends
Member Since:
Feb '08
WYG? Ranking:
99th place
Favorite Jersey Number:
20 (Barry Sanders),13 (Lance Parrish), 2 (Derek Jeter), 19 (Steve Yzerman), 1 (Anthony Carter)
Kalamazoo, MI
Current Town:
Three Rivers, MI
Favorite Teams:
All MICHIGAN based teams are my Favorites!!
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
Hi Mom!
"He's guilty of excessive window shopping" EH
"He stood there like a house by the side of the road" EH
Favorite Sports Moment:
Tigers winning the Series in '84. Pistons winning in 88-89, 89-90 Finals. Barry Sanders juking everyone! Red Wings Always!
Favorite Athletes:
Jacob Engberts, Barry Sanders, Billy Sims, Alan Trammel, Sweet Lou Whitaker, Chet Lemon, Lance Parrish, Kirk Gibson, Isiah Thomas, Joe D, Chauncey, Rip, Big Ben, Palace Prince, Derek Jeter (home boy), Stevie Y, Tom Brady, Sugar Ray Leonard, Nolan Ryan, PUDGE, Jerry Rice, Calvin Johnson, Chris Spielman, Jerry Ball, Herman Moore, Johnny Morton, Joe Montana, T. O., Al Kaline, Justin Verlander, Kenny Rogers, Placido Polanco, M Cabrera, Cecil Fielder, Inge, Mickey Tettleton, Ty Cobb, Manny Harris, Fab Five (U of M), Deshawn Sims,
Players You Love to Hate:
All Yankees ('cept DJ), Red Sox, Bears, Vikings, Irish, Buckeyes, Tar Heels, KY wildcats, Pukie Dukies, Cheese heads, White Sox, Bulls, Lakers
Let us not forget to hate Spurs & Hoosiers, of course.
Best Game You've Attended:
Tigers in '84, a double header against the Orioles, we killed them. We scored 11 runs in the 2nd inning to chase All-Star Jim Palmer. Tiger Stadium was exploding!!!! Now it's imploding - sorry to say.

  • mrman226 DUDE!! You're 666 games behind Angus !! AAHHHH THE SIGN OF THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!

  • mynamehere It was a great game! Nice pic