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  • #1 Gators Fan Lots of sliding around the leaderboard yesterday. You getting dizzy at all?

  • msparker So glad my boys from Duke won the Nat'l Title! After the NBA playoffs I'll start my picks again for "college basketball" in Nov 2015 !

  • #1 Gators Fan Congrats on 4th place. Is this RUWTbot getting revenge for something or another???

    • msparker Thanks - made it to 2nd place, but got lazy!

      • Mar 5 3:50 AM
  • msparker Duke men vs Miami and women vs. Carolina - both won this weekend. Go Duke!

  • msparker I don't know what's going on, but one of my picks was marked wrong again. I am a die-hard Duke fan and I picked the Duke women to win over USC which they did and it marked my pick incorrectly, as though I picked USC to win. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Someone needs to correct his ASAP!

  • msparker thnx a lot ucla for upsetting my pick streak!