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May '07
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  • bigbelly Congrats in being in position 1!

  • Jamale Rudd hi i'm Jamale i'm new since the origins in 2011. i see you are THE Best Pick'em roto gamer if RUWT universe.

  • platinumwhitty BACK TO #1 IN HONOR OF MY LATE WIFE.....I DID IT FOR YOU BABE!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful but WAY too short ride.....I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!

  • platinumwhitty My late wife and I headed to an Idaho Steelheads game. She loved hockey! I miss you Sweeti Sweet :(

  • platinumwhitty Well the run at the top was nice. Had to take a few days off due to my wife dying in a motorcycle accident. . Will try and get back at this.

    • LMPtG1 Really!? That's awful. So sorry for you brov. Hang in there, keep on keeping on..

      • Nov 19 11:32 PM
    • 236 Dang. I'm sorry. Prayers to you, good sir.

      • Nov 27 8:41 PM
  • LBHOWARD oh , now you're comin' for me!

  • LBHOWARD You really jumped in the past day or so. You are the only other person who has a decent percentage. I think if I picked 150 games a day I would go higher but really don't want to pick every Women's NCAA basketball game - just not that interested. And I am terrible at picking hockey college or pro.

  • LBHOWARD I have been stalking you for 30 days or more. I can now get back to my life - Hah! - I have no desire to break into the top 10 - you were the only one who had a % similar to mine. These others just pick games to keep their volume up. I'm sure I will now fall back to around 17 - where I'm comfortable.