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Mar '08
WYG? Ranking:
5th place
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Favorite Teams:
All Tampa Bay area teams, UConn, Portsmouth Football Club
Favorite Sports Moment:
2004 Stanley Cup Game 7 - Tampa Bay Lightning over Calgary Flames
Players You Love to Hate:
Any player that plays for Manchester United Football Team
Best Game You've Attended:
2004 Stanley Cup Game 7 - Tampa Bay Lightning over Calgary Flames

  • Conner go Tampa bay lightning

    • bigbelly Opening night of the season is tonight.

      • Jan 13 10:23 AM
  • boaz 1 good job

  • #1 Gators Fan What happened to you? You fell 4 places in the span of an hour! Catch up!

  • #1 Gators Fan Don't turn around, there's a fire-breathing gator breathing down your throat! You have 27 picks on me. You've got a goal, set by me, to catch Cards before the end of the NBA finals. Go! Go! PICK!

  • Mark Congrats on taking over first place! I was able to hold on for 16 weeks (since 4/22/12). Now you have the "bulls-eye" on your back as the number one ranked AYWT player! Good luck!

    • bigbelly Thanks, I doubt that I will be able to keep it for 16 weeks, I am glad that you had a great time watching the people below you try to catch you.

      • Aug 18 5:27 AM
  • qwertyui Race to the top?

  • qwertyui Regardless of if you believe it or not, my goal was always to catch and pass you. Your picture attracted me. Now I am one position behind. Next time you see me, I'll be at #1. Lol.

  • Noah Whitaker GO RAYS!