ProfessorPlum's Friends

  • Coach Johnny, Oh Johnny, come on mayun'... you piece of autograph sellin' shit! You're in the SEC now and playin' DUKE!

  • Johnnie sup

  • mark Heh, we'll keep those, um, problems on the DL. I was hoping to have something for the NFL, but couldn't get my act together in time. We'll definitely have one for March Madness...

  • mark Seriously! A lot of fans going home crying...

  • Confuzed Since I got your attention with that, have you noticed that our stats are not being tracked correctly? They go up and down at random and don't count all your picks.

  • Confuzed Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick ?

  • Confuzed She is a lot to handle. Keeping her out of trouble is such a hands on job.

  • mark Hey Professor, the painful part is that we used to have at least the CWS, but our data provider pulled it. I'll keep an eye out for them picking it up again this year.