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Dec '09
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123rd place
About Me:
I watch sports to the point that it's probably not healthy, but so what?
Favorite Jersey Number:
Favorite Teams:
NHL: Red Wings, Devils
NFL: Titans, Colts, Lions, Giants, Saints
NBA: Pistons, Celtics
MLB: Tigers, Brewers
College: Michigan State, Tennessee
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
He could go all the way!, and Holy cow!
Favorite Sports Movies:
Favorite Sports Moment:
The March 26th brawl between the Red Wings and Avalanche, and the the Giants beating the Pats. in the Super Bowl
Favorite Athletes:
NHL: Brendon Shanahan, Yserman, Linstrom, Kocer, Probert,
NFL: Walter Payton, Terry Bradshaw," Night Train" Lane
Players You Love to Hate:
Patrick Roy, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow, Sydney Crosby
Best Game You've Attended:

  • mark Hey bud, no worries! Gimme a shout, if you ever have questions about anything else...

  • TonyZoBird Pisses me off too bud. The green on the leader boards is definitely a good thing lol!

  • TonyZoBird I figured you'd like the old one and that I'd hear from you lol. Seriously though what the F*** are they thinking. Changing logo's historically are usually a set up for failure... like you said if it ain't broke don't fix it... I couldn't agree more man.

  • TonyZoBird Ha thanks! Looks like us guys from the D know our sports!

  • TonyZoBird Go Wings for sure... they need a boost this season however. Some health would be nice.

  • TonyZoBird nice to see a Detroit fan here!