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Mar '10
WYG? Ranking:
528th place
About Me:
Father, Husband & Sports Fanatic in that order.
Favorite Jersey Number:
58 (Just an odd number that has randomly come up a lot throughout my life )
Castro Valley, California
Current Town:
Burlington, Washington (State)
Favorite Teams:
Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners & I will always love my "Seattle" Supersonics

I grew up also following the

San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants & Golden State Warriors

I have become a Trailblazers fan as we got robbed up here in Seattle by the one thing we're famous for the Coffee guy ( Fuck Starbucks) & I love Brandon Roy. ( Go Dawgs )

I loved Dale Sr. & I love Dale Jr., I have always liked him anyways but after last week Carl Edwards is my new Hero. ( he flipped Brad Keselowski on his lid, on purpose & then told everyone he did it on purpose. )

I really like Joey Logano & Tony Stewart & I was rooting all year last year for Mark Martin to finally win it all.
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
From Major League-
Janice Bowden: I hear baseball players make awfully good salaries nowadays.
Jake Taylor: Well it all depends on how good you are.
Janice Bowden: How good are you?
Jake Taylor: I make the league minimum.
Favorite Sports Moment:
Edgar's 95' Divisional Round, Game 5, Bottom of the 9th, 2 Out, 3-2 Count, Down by 1, 2 Run, Walk Off, Series Clinching, Franchise's 1st Playoff Series Winning, Evil Empire Killing, Off of Mariano Rivera, Baseball in Seattle Saving...

"The Double"
Players You Love to Hate:
Alex "I'm going to Texas to win a ring" Rodriguez

Dumb Ass

  • det2009 I too, became a bigger fan of Carl Edwards after he took out Keselowski at Atlanta. He's had it coming for along time. I could not agree with you more.