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  • christophe gg about to lose your lead to the braves

  • boaz yo man

  • #1 Gators Fan You're #1. Nice! Let's see if someone can change that.

  • #1 Cards Fan YOU DID IT!!! CONGRATS ON #1!!!

  • #1 Cards Fan You're so close to the top 5 and you're running out of time to meet the goal...GOOD LUCK!!!

  • #1 Cards Fan You were sooooo long as you're in the Top 5 by the Superbowl, we'll just forget about that end of the year crap :)

  • #1 Cards Fan End of year goal for you...get back into the Top 5!!!

  • #1 Cards Fan I don't like seeing you outside the top 10...hope to see you there soon!