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Jan '09
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72nd place
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santa clara
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bruins,Celtics,red sox,benfica,man utd,pats,ucla bruins
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bobby orr

  • KingHockeyMan You gotta be from New Bedford, MA or close by like Fall River, etc..;-). Azores Islands. soccor, & your favs are 1/2 of mine. You gotta be from south-eastern Mass.. I live near Santa Clara in Fremont. The 1st yr I played here. MLB scorned my % @ 50% No more baseball. 50% & climbing. loosely. u b kool...

  • blakelylaw Congrats for being only who thought Akron might win. Even if they don't you look pretty smart.

  • Curtis N Revathi Good to see someone in the top 25 with above 80% accuracy! I'm workin my way up.

  • LMPtG1 Welcome to the Top 25!