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  • geedeebee49 My fellow RUWTians....For those of you who may take the opportunity to read my wall posts, Saturday, November 13, 2010 was the last day that I picked teams. I have decided to stop, in favor of doing other, more worthwhile, activities. It has been a blast, and I even had some brief opportunities to be #1, even if it was for only a day or two. I wish all of my competitors well in their quest for that top position. Good luck, and keep RUWTing them on!

  • mark Hey bud, as crazy it sounds, someone unleashed a script this morning that was hammering the site--brought everything down for a bit. I reported it to the hosting company and they're gonna block that IP. Hopefully just a one time thing... :)

  • GGG3 Thanks. It's been a while, but It's nice to be back on top.

  • mark Hey geedeebee49, I should probably add that to the FAQ. :) Nope, any time there's a tie, it doesn't count as anything in your record...

  • mark Great question! I'm working on a big feature for the site that's going to make keeping track of everything going on a lot easier. Once that's done, I'm going to roll it out to the mobile apps and start adding a ton more functionality for rooting, shouting, and all of that...

  • mark Hey, good catch! The calculations got confused because of the PKs. I went in and updated it manually for ya. All the records should be updated soon...

  • GREGnKY What about Pedroia last night - 15 bases with 3 homers !

  • GREGnKY What about the Wildcats placing 5 players in the 1st round of the NBA draft ! We'll have to start all over ... Too bad we didn't win a title with those guys...