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Favorite Jersey Number:
High Point, NC
Current Town:
Jamestown, NC
Favorite Teams:
UNC Tar Heels
Atlanta Braves
Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Cowboys
Utah Jazz
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
Yogi - "Baseball is 90% mental -- the other half is physical."
Favorite Sports Movies:
The Natural
Tin Cup
Field of Dreams
Favorite Athletes:
Michael Jordan
Dirk Nowitzke
Albert Pujols
Drew Brees
Deron Williams
Players You Love to Hate:
Rajon Rondo
Kenyon Martin
Gilbert "All About Me Getting My Shots Even If I Miss 25 of Them" Arenas
Gilbert "Is It Selfish of Me to Shoot 35 Times Every Game" Arenas
Did I mention Gilbert Arenas ?
Paul "I Get Fouled on Every Shot" Pierce

Dook "Flop" University

  • Flaw 249 games on Saturday...Man, took me a while to pick them all...

  • Flaw Ima start making my pics from my phone and see if it will bring me better luck...

  • Flaw Ah man...I made my Friday picks but it shows I made none...Sup wit dat?...

  • mark that's what i like to hear... :)

  • mark Hey Flaw, no, but I'm tackling it this weekend. If you wanna send me a message, I can update it for ya...

  • Flaw Oh man...The ship is sinking fast as of late...Spanish Argentinian Primavera Jumanji Soccer is definitely not my thing...

  • Confuzed Thanks for the shout. Nice to be here.

  • Flaw I paid the price for missing 3 or 4 days last month...