Member Since:
Aug '08
WYG? Ranking:
84th place
About Me:
I love to play & watch all sports that use a ball... from golf to basketball and "FACTORY AIR" as you can tell from my pictures ...
Favorite Jersey Number:
YOGI's No. 8
Ashland, KY
Current Town:
Louisville, KY
Favorite Teams:
Packers (NFL) - Kentucky (NCAA B'ball) - Cubs & RedSox (MLB) - Celtics & Mavs (NBA) - Kentucky (NCAA F'ball)
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
Yogi Berra saying "IT ain't over til it's over" and
Jim Valvano's "Don't give up, Don't EVER give UP"
Favorite Sports Movies:
'FEVER PITCH', 'Caddyshack', 'Bull Durham', 'The Natural', 'Bang the Drum Slowly' , 'Field of Dreams', 'Major League', 'Brian's Song', 'White Men Can't Jump', 'Raging Bull"
Favorite Sports Moment:
Greatest 'comeback' in NCAA B'ball - When Walter McCarty (Kentucky basketball player) hit a 3 pointer to take the lead at LSU on Feb. 15, 1994; the Wildcats were down by 31 points with 15 minutes to go... Kentucky won 99-95 !
Favorite Athletes:
Brett Favre - always exciting to watch with 1 Super Bowl win & 3 MVPs
Mark McGwire & Sammy Sosa because they saved MLB !
Rocky Marciano - the Greatest Boxer ever...
Jack Nicklaus - still the Greatest Golfer...
MJ best NBA player so far...
Barry Sanders - still the best running back in NFL ever...
Players You Love to Hate:
Tom Brady - Sergio Garcia - Kobe Bryant
Best Game You've Attended:
Kentucky Wildcat basketball game - sitting on the floor beside the bench with Ashley Judd ...