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Member Since:
Feb '10
WYG? Ranking:
52nd place
Favorite Jersey Number:
Trinity, NC
Current Town:
Jamestown, NC
Favorite Teams:
NY Yankees, NY Jets, North Carolina Tar Heels
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
Oh my God!! (Ric Flair), Woooooo!! (Ric Flair)
To be the man, you gotta beat the man...The Rock says to know your role and shut your mouth...
Favorite Sports Movies:
Caddyshack, Major League (first one), Field of Dreams, Kingpin
Favorite Sports Moment:
notched my 5715th career strikeout for the final out of my pitching career...yep that's 1 more than Nolan Ryan's all time record...
Favorite Athletes:
Michael Jordan, Tyler Hansbrough, Ric Flair, The Rock
Players You Love to Hate:
Anybody that plays for dook, the patriots, or "the sox"...
Best Game You've Attended:
1998 East Regional Final- UNC vs UCONN...Heels go to the Final 4

  • Ashley Thanks!

  • Sanitylost Thats why it's a good rivalry. I hope the NFL gets its act together for 2011.

  • Sanitylost Yep....the scum of the earth=NY Jets

  • hXcruss Thanks alot. I'll prob lose it in a day lol

  • Confuzed Hate to, but I give the pre-season nod to the Jets.

  • Confuzed Remember the google girl ?

  • Confuzed I do like the eye candy. Some people have got really awful pics. Like I wanna see a pic of your dog. Give me a break !

  • Confuzed Surprised by the invite, seeing that you hate the Pats and the Sox. But then, I don't play for either. LOL