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Feb '09
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7th place
About Me:
I like sports and video games.
Favorite Jersey Number:
2 or 7
Jacksonville, FL
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Favorite Teams:
Atlanta Braves, Denver Broncos, Utah Jazz, Dallas Stars
Favorite Athletes:
Chipper Jones, John Elway, John Stockton, Mike Modano

  • Ashley I'm coming for that #1 spot (:

  • Mikeylito Nice call on Connecticut v. Stanford; it was Clash Of The Streaks and you backed the right one. Congratulations.

  • geedeebee49 It was nip and tuck there for awhile, but it looks like you have emerged as the true new leader. Congratulations!

  • Confuzed Nice job taking over 1st ! Gotta tell me your secret...

  • ThePeoplesChamp hey man, you've been back and forth quite a bit, but now you own the top spot...good pickin' partner...

  • geedeebee49 Congrats! Nice going. The race has tightened considerably, now that the NCAA is over and the NBA and NHL are in the postseason. Far fewer games to pick. Who knows? I may get to first myself. So, watch your back.

  • LMPtG1 Congratulations to you for taking the top spot. Well Done.

  • Flaw Tie for the top now...Nicely done, sir...